Just about every child I know adores unicorns. My son has 3 different unicorn pillow pets resting on his bed and a rainbow unicorn painting hanging on the wall. Though my daughter is not quite as obsessed as her brother, she also has her fair share of stuffed unicorns scattered about her room. After reading these three books, I have to admit I’ve become equally smitten with these fanciful and (who knew?) funny creatures.


You Don’t Want a Unicorn written by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Liz Climo – When a young boy tosses a coin into a well and wishes for a pet unicorn, he quickly discovers he made a BIG mistake. They shed, chew, jump, scratch, and they can’t be house trained. Worst of all, when they get lonely they call for their friends. One of the things I love most about this book is that the main character is a boy with an “I love unicorns” t-shirt. As the mom of a unicorn-loving boy, this made my heart happy. I also love all the “poofing”. So fun to say! Finally, the illustrations are downright hilarious. There is a unicorn with an orange perm and rainbow leg warmers. Enough said.


Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima – This heartwarming story is about a young unicorn named Kelp who lives in the sea with his narwhal family. Kelp has always known he’s a little different than the rest of the narwhals, but he didn’t know how different until one day a strong current sweeps him to the surface and he spots someone who looks just like him. He soon discovers that these land narwhals are actually unicorns, and so is he! Kelp struggles to decide where he belongs until he discovers that maybe he doesn’t have to choose. This book will charm readers of all ages. Kelp is absolutely adorable and everyone will be able to relate to the sweet message of fitting in and finding yourself.


A Unicorn Named Sparkle by Amy Young – When a young girl orders a unicorn, she is surprised to discover he is not at all what she expected. He smells funny, has fleas, and eats tutus. When he behaves badly and embarrasses her at Show-and-Tell, she decides to send him back. However, while she’s waiting for the unicorn man to arrive, she realizes that sometimes he makes her smile and sometimes he makes her laugh. My favorite thing about this book is Sparkle. Who doesn’t love a unicorn that looks like a goat? This irresistible tale about unconditional love and acceptance is sure to become a family favorite.



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