On one of my first trips to the boundary waters in Northern Minnesota, I saw a mother moose frolicking in the water with her two babies. Those giant noses and clumsy bodies made a lasting impression, and ever since, I’ve been a little obsessed. Apparently, I’m not the only one who sees the comedic potential in the majestic moose. There is a half ton of picture books written about moose, which by the way is approximately how much an adult male moose weighs. Check out 5 of my favorites below. Enjoy!


This is a Moose written by Richard T. Morris and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld – A determined filmmaker’s attempts to make a documentary about a moose are foiled when his subject refuses to settle for just being a moose. He’d like to be an astronaut instead, thank you very much. Chaos and hilarity ensue as other animals share their own dreams and aspirations. This is a silly book with an important message – be true to yourself. This is one of my husband’s favorite books and picture books aren’t really his thing (gasp!). That’s why I always pay attention when one makes him laugh.


This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers – When a moose shows up one day, Wilfred knows it was meant to be his. Wilfred goes about explaining all the rules of how to be a good pet, but it doesn’t seem as though the moose is listening. Some of the rules he follows with ease, like knocking down items out of Wilfred’s reach. But others he ignores completely, like staying close to home. Then, Wilfred is astonished to discover that someone else thinks they own the moose! In the end, they reach a compromise that works for both of them. Sort of.



Too Many Moose written by Lisa Bakos and illustrated by Mark Chambers – Martha wants a pet and she decides a moose would be the most marvelous pet she could get. In fact, she loves her moose so much she orders 3 more… and 3 more… and 3 more… until she ends up with 10 moose! They bake muffins, do math, and dance the mambo until midnight. Everything is marvelous, until the moose cause a bit of mayhem. Perhaps 10 moose are too much. The sweet ending may cause you to look into moose adoption.



Z is for Moose written by Kelly Bingham and illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky – This alphabet book starts like many others – A is for apple, B is for ball, C is for cat. But then an impatient moose bursts into the production knocking a poor duck right off the stage. When it’s finally his turn, Moose is dismayed to discover that M is actually for mouse! Thankfully, Moose’s good friend Zebra finds a creative way to include him that leaves everyone smiling, even the reader.



Duck Duck Moose written by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallan and illustrated by Noah Z. Jones – In this laugh out loud friendship story, two well-organized ducks are planning a surprise party for their messy friend Moose. Unfortunately, Moose keeps hindering their efforts when he inadvertently smashes through walls and destroys their cake. Kids will love chanting along with the familiar refrain of “Duck, Duck, Moose”, and will giggle and groan when Moose comes crashing into the scene.

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