Remember when I wrote about how Mother Goose Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins was the best book ever? Well, it still is. But, Nanette’s Baguette by Mo Willems might be the second best book ever.

This hilarious tale begins in the kitchenette where Nanette is told that she gets to get the baguette. Is she ready? YOU BET! On her way to the bakery, she meets her friends, Georgette, Suzette, and Bret, who happens to have his clarinet. All is well until Nanette is given the baguette from baker Juliette. Nanette cannot resist the warm and wonderful baguette, so she KRACKS into it again and again until it is all gone and she is beset with regret.

There are so many things to love about this book. First, the rhythm and rhyme is pure genius. I don’t typically like rhyming books, but this one is not typical. It does not follow a set pattern, but there is a definite rhythm. The combination is irresistible. Second, the story is set in a handcrafted paper-modeled French Village, complete with a toilet paper roll chimney. The attention to detail is impressive. One of my favorite details is the pigeon head walking stick inside Nanette’s front door. Third, the theme deals with temptation and regret, something to which we can all relate. My dad loves to tell the story of how I used to steal cookies and hide under the kitchen table eating them. When I was finished, I’d emerge covered in crumbs to ask “Can I please have a cookie?” I might not have been beset with regret like Nanette, but I can definitely relate to the temptation part.

I think the phrase “laugh out loud” is overused (are all those people really loling as often as they claim?), but I do think it is the perfect phrase to describe this book. During the first read, my children giggled. The second time through, they were falling on the floor clutching their sides. And the fun didn’t stop there. For the next three days, they would periodically fall to their knees and scream, “I ATE THE BAGUETTE!” before guffawing and snort laughing in a heap. If you too enjoy snorting laughing in a heap, pick up a copy of Nanette’s Baguette and get ready for some side-splitting fun.

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