Author Visits

One of my favorite things about being a children’s book author is meeting with students to talk about reading and writing. I currently offer four different virtual and in-person programs for schools and libraries. I’m happy to adapt any of the programs listed below in order to meet your school’s needs. 

Interactive Read Aloud 

In this PreK – 1st grade program, I share where I get my ideas and I lead an interactive read aloud with audience participation. (20-30 minutes)

From Bright Idea to Book

In this program for 2nd grade and up, I share where I get my ideas and how I turn those ideas into books. During this program, I’ll give students an inside look at my writing process and show how my love of humor and animals often influences my stories. I also lead an interactive read aloud and do a short Q&A. (45 minutes)

Writing Workshop

This hands-on workshop focuses on the beginning stages of writing a story, including brainstorming ideas, character development, and outlining. Everyone will write a journal entry that tells a story of their own, and they’ll leave with several additional ideas for continued writing activities. This workshop can also be adapted to focus on other parts of the writing process, such as plot or revision. It is best suited for independent writers in groups of 30 or less. (60 minutes) 

Family Program for All Ages 

I share how I  became an author and how I turn ideas into books. I also lead an interactive read aloud and provide an easy craft. (45 minutes)


In-Person Visit Pricing

  • Full Day (4 presentations) – $700
  • Single Presentation – $200

Virtual Visit Pricing

  • Full Day (Up to 4 presentations) – $400
  • Single Presentation – $125

Travel expenses/mileage will be added to the cost for out-of-state visits or in-state visits that are more than 90 miles away.  Please contact Becky at if you would like more information or if you’d like to book a visit. 

“I worked with Becky to coordinate a virtual author visit in the Cypress Fairbanks school district for 1st and 2nd graders and she was truly exceptional! She brought a wholesome sense of warmth, humor and inclusivity to our students. She shared her insights on how she formed the story behind My School Stinks, gave a very animated reading of the book, and included animal trivia throughout her presentation to keep the students engaged. Her energy was contagious and upon the end of her presentation, I could tell my students did not want her to leave! Overall, Becky was an honor to have at our school and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a virtual or in-person author visit.” – Melinda, School Library Media Specialist

I collaborated with Becky to create and schedule two types of presentations for our elementary school, an interactive read aloud with grades K-2 and a scaffolded writer’s workshop for grades 3-5. Becky did a fantastic job connecting with students and being responsive to their needs! She created presentations that were engaging and exciting, and students wanted to keep writing and reading with her even after their sessions were finished. I received lots of positive feedback from staff about Becky’s visit. It was great to work with Becky, and our school would gladly ask her to visit again. I highly recommend her for an author visit!” – Sara, Literacy Instructional Support Teacher

“We love Becky Scharnhorst at the Kiel Public Library!  Her book My School Stinks is so much fun for both kids and adults.  And her presentation was delightful, with both audience participation and crafts.  Scharnhorst makes reading both enjoyable and educational.  We can hardly wait for her next book!” – Julia, Librarian